mt_heatmap plots high resolution raw trajectory maps. Note that this function has beta status.

  use = "trajectories",
  dimensions = c("xpos", "ypos"),
  filename = NULL,
  upscale = 1,
  plot_dims = FALSE,
  verbose = TRUE



usually an object of class mousetrap. Alternatively, a trajectory array or an object of class mt_heatmap_raw.


a character string specifying which trajectory data should be used.


a character vector specifying the trajectory variables used to create the heatmap. The first two entries are used as x and y-coordinates, the third, if provided, will be added as color information.


a character string giving the name of the file. If NULL (the default), the R standard device is used for plotting. Otherwise, the plotting device is inferred from the file extension. Only supports devices tiff, png, pdf.


arguments passed to mt_heatmap_raw.


a numeric value by which the output resolution of the image is increased or decreased. Only applies if device is one of tiff, png, or pdf.


adds the coordinates of the four image corners to the plot. Helps setting bounds.


logical indicating whether function should report its progress.


mt_heatmap wraps mt_heatmap_raw and provides direct plotting output in tiff, png, pdf, or R's default window output. For further details on how the trajectory heatmaps are constructed, see mt_heatmap_raw.


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See also

mt_heatmap_ggplot for plotting a trajectory heatmap using ggplot2.

mt_diffmap for plotting trajectory difference-heatmaps.


Dirk U. Wulff


if (FALSE) {
mt_heatmap(KH2017, xres=500, n_shades=5, mean_image=0.2)